Lockyer Valley Crop Mapping

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About this Collection

Lockyer Valley Crop Mapping

Crop maps represented in 11 spatial layers (ESRI GRIDS) which were classified from remotely sensed imagery (Landsat TM 5). The 11 layers are named with the month and year from which the image was captured as follows: jul11 (18/07/2011), may11 (15/05/2011), apr11 (13/04/2011), oct10 (3/10/2010), sep10 (1/09/2010), aug10 (16/08/2010), oct06 (24/10/2... more

Agricultural Spatial Analysis and Modelling Surfacewater Hydrology Water Resources Engineering

10 Aug 1999

18 Jul 2011

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UWSRA crops agriculture irrigation purified recycled water: groundwater


Urban Water Security Research Alliance

Each Landsat image was atmospherically corrected then spectral samples were taken for known cover types (verified by ground truthing) and saved in a singature file. A supervised parallelpiped classification was then performed using ERDAS Imagine (v9.2). The classified layer was then reclassified into 41 classes within ArcGIS v9.3. There is a lookup table with the data (Crop_class_LUT) which lists the minor crop types (41 class values) as well as the major crop class grouping (9 cover types).

Mr Michael Hartcher, CSIRO Land and Water Dr Tim Ellis, CSIRO Land and Water Mr Malcolm Hodgen, CSIRO Land and Water Mr Guy Byrne, CSIRO Land and Water

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia), Urban Water Security Research Alliance (Australia)

Hartcher, Mick; Ellis, Tim (2012): Lockyer Valley Crop Mapping. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights Reserved (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2012.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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Location Details

27°19′37″ S

27°55′51″ S

152°36′18″ E

151°59′51″ E


More about this Collection

Mick Hartcher

Spatial Modeller / Data Manager





About this Project

1006.2 SEQ Lockyer Valley

Part of the Urban Water Security Research Alliance, this project aimed to provide a scientific basis for the sound delivery of recycled water to the Lockyer Valley. The research aimed to deliver methodologies to improve water delivery using aquifer storage, while recognising concerns over common pool access. Key research questions include: How can ... more

Don Begbie

Crop classification

Classified crop maps used as input data for groundwater modelling.


Mick Hartcher

Tim Ellis

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