Global Canopy Conductance (Gc)

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About this Collection

Global Canopy Conductance (Gc)

This product provides estimates of canopy conductance at a global scale (0.05⁰) based on MODIS reflectance from MCD43C4 product and three vegetation indices (NDVI, EVI and Kc). The data is produced globally at 0.05⁰ and every 8 days. Monthly and anuual climatologies are also available. Base Period for Climatology: 2001-2011 Extra ... more

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01 Jan 2001

31 Dec 2011

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Algorithm description

Below the calibrated equations to generate the canopy conductance product Gc_NDVI=2^(4.11 (NDVI-〖NDVI_min)) Gc_EVI=〖2.5〗^(3.15(EVI-〖EVI〗_min)) Gc_Kc=〖0.3〗^(5.14k_c ) Gc_final=average(Gc_NDVI,Gc_EVI,Gc_Kc)

To produce this product we make use of MODIs data downloaded from MCD43C4.005/

CSIRO Data Licence

ANU Fenner School (Australia), CSIRO (Australia), University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)

Yebra, Marta; van Dijk, Albert; Leuning, Ray; Huete, Alfredo; Guerschman, Juan Pablo (2012): Global Canopy Conductance (Gc). v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights Reserved (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2012.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project

1212.0 OCE Post Doc Marta Yebra

Enhanced carbon capture through vegetation growth can affect water resources by increasing vegetation water use. This Postdoctoral research aims to improve our understanding of the tradeoffs between carbon capture and water resource availability using a combination of satellite observations, field measurements, and biophysical modelling. The unders... more

Marta Yebra

Final mapping

The algorithm described in Yebra et al 2012, RSE was applied globally to map canopy conductance, every 8 days as well as derived monthly and annual climatology


Vegetation indices derived from MODIS data (MCD43C4, downloaded from MCD43C4.005/ in February 2012)

Marta Yebra

Albert van Dijk

Ray Leuning

Alfredo Huete

Juan Guerschman

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