Two-Rocks moorings data 2004 - 2005

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Two-Rocks moorings data 2004 - 2005

The field program consisted of four separate deployments that were made during this period and the data collected included ocean currents, temperature, salinity, pressure (sea level), oxygen and fluorescence.

Biological Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Physical Oceanography

01 Jul 2004

16 Jul 2005

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Oceanography Physical, Oceanography Chemical,mooring,salinity,temperature,waves,ocean currents,CTD, Oxygen, PAR and Fluorescence Two Rocks,Western Australia

The data was used as inputs to quantitative ecosystems models of WA coastal and shelf ecosystem from Indian Ocean scales down to coastal reefs.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence

CSIRO (Australia), Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment (Australia)

Fandry, Chris; Slawinski, Dirk; Pender, Lindsay (2005): Two-Rocks moorings data 2004 - 2005. v2. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2005.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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31°30′0″ S

32°0′0″ S

116°0′0″ E

115°0′0″ E


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SRFME Integrated Modelling

The overall objective of the SRFME Integrated Modelling Project is to provide quantitative descriptions of WA coastal and shelf ecosystems that will assist environmental managers to predict and monitor natural and human-induced change. In SRFME, we have designed field programs that help us describe the functioning of the WA coastal ecosystems. As t... more


CTDs (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profilers) Current Meters/Profilers Moored Instruments

Chris Fandry

Dirk Slawinski

Lindsay Pender