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Australian National Soil Archive

Scientific reference collection of physical samples of Australian soils. There are over 100,000 soil specimens in the collection: 70,000 fully archived and 30,000 stored specimens (still to be archived). The specimen collection reflects the changes in research focus over the last 70 years and expects to continue this into the future. The starting... more

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Linda Karssies

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Australian National Soil Archive



In 2003, in order to preserve them for future use, circa 55,000 soil specimens from five separate smaller CSIRO soil specimen collections (in Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth) were sent to Canberra. The vast majority of specimens in the collection has been collected by CSIRO, but since 2010 many thousands of specimens have been contributed by other organisations, predominantly state agencies. While the oldest specimen is from 1926, most were collected from the 1950's onward. The specimens sampled before the 1950’s do not have location data of the required accuracy, and are therefore not archivable without additional effort re-locating the relevant sites. However they can be (and have been) used by researcher familiar with the original publications. These early specimens were collected prior to widespread application of pesticides and herbicides and before the start of nuclear testing in 1945.

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Australian Soil Resource Information System

Datasets that are available through ASRIS and have been contributed to by State, Territory and Federal Agencies



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