Mining Blockchain Processes: CryptoKitties Case Study

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About this Collection

Mining Blockchain Processes: CryptoKitties Case Study

This collection comprises the manifest and the two generated XES logs from the case study in [1]. The manifest specifies which data related to the execution of the CryptoKitties smart contracts was retrieved from the transaction log of the public Ethereum blockchain. The manifest also specifies how this data was transformed into the two XES logs. D... more

Information Systems Management

Christopher Klinkmueller

Process mining blockchain smart contracts logging XES

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Klinkmuller, Christopher; Ponomarev, Alex; Tran, An Binh; Weber, Ingo; van der Aalst, Wil (2019): Mining Blockchain Processes: CryptoKitties Case Study. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2019.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project


Christopher Klinkmueller

Alex Ponomarev

An Binh Tran

Ingo Weber

Wil van der Aalst

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