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Eagle is an R package for genome-wide association mapping

Applied Statistics Genetics not elsewhere classified

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association mapping R package Eagle gene discovery

GPLv3 Licence with CSIRO Disclaimer

CSIRO (Australia)

George, Andrew (2017): Eagle. v1. CSIRO. Software Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2017.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project

Biological Data Science Group - Operating Cost

An implementation of multiple-locus association mapping on a genome-wide scale. 'Eagle' can handle inbred or outbred study populations, populations of arbitrary unknown complexity, and data larger than the memory capacity of the computer. Since 'Eagle' is based on linear mixed models, it is best suited to the analysis of data on continuous traits. ... more

Andrew George

Genome-wide association mapping

Performing gene discovery on a genome-wide scale via association mapping


Andrew George

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