Crystallisation images from C3

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About this Collection

Crystallisation images from C3

This is a collection of images of protein crystallisation trials that have been annotated by humans.

Structural Biology (incl. Macromolecular Modelling)



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Crystallisation image

The images were collected on Rigaku Minstrel HT automatic imagers, and are of sitting drop vapour diffusion experiments, mostly with drops of 300 nL initial volume set up in SD-2 plates from SwissSci. The 1-year data set were all the human annotated images collected between 1-October 2014 and 1-October 2015

These data were annotated by users of C3, and have been collected and sorted by David Ratcliffe, Tom Carroll, and Chris Watkins

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Newman, Janet (2016): Crystallisation images from C3. v3. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2016.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project

Bio Medical Manufacturing: Testing and S

Crystallisation images for machine learning studies

Natasha Wright

Crystallisation Image Analysis

Using machine learning tools to annotate and extrapolate from automatically harvested images of macromolecular crystallisation trials


Janet Newman

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