Swarm Sensing Modelling

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Swarm Sensing Modelling

Pollination provided by honey bees is crucial for global agricultural production yet bee populations are declining. To investigate potential stressors to honey bee health, the Swarm Sensing Project is developing miniature sensing devices and mounting them on large numbers of bees, in order to provide detailed information on their behaviour. An agen... more

Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing not elsewhere classified Environmental Monitoring Simulation and Modelling

12 Jan 2015

25 Jun 2015

Paulo De Souza Junior

Honey bee foraging behaviour Insect flight behaviour Agent-based modelling Ecological modelling Radio frequency identification on bees Swarm sensing

The data used to develop and evaluate the model came from two sources: 1. South Esk Modelling output (L&W); 2. RFID experiments with bees (Geeveston Experiment) - Data61. Two data sets are provided in the "FIles" tab: - The first is entitled and includes a Model Description, a User Guide and a Unit Testing Regime for the python version of the Swarm Sensing Model (MicroCoSM1), together with all of the python code. - The second is entitled and includes a re-implementation of the Insect Flight Simulator in the specialised agent-based modelling language NetLogo, together with a User Guide.

Raymond Williams, Paulo de Souza, Stephen Quarrell, Setia Budi, Ferry Susanto, Benita Vincenta, Geoff Allen, Auro Almeida, Dale Worledge, Leandro Disiuta, Pascal Hirsch, Gustavo Pessin, Helder Arruda, Peter Marendy, Leon dos Santos, Thomas Gillard, Andojo Ongjodjojo Ong

CSIRO Open Source Software Licence (Based on MIT/BSD Open Source Licence)

CSIRO (Australia), University of Sydney (Australia), University of Tasmania (Australia), Vale Institute of Technology (Brazil), Victoria University (Australia)

Williams, Ray; De Souza Junior, Paulo (2016): Swarm Sensing Modelling. v2. CSIRO. Software Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2016.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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ActivePython 2.7 from ActivePython distribution, netCDF4, Numpy and Scipy, Matplotlib and Mayavi, Tkinter,

Python 2.7

Windows 6

version 6.1.7601

About this Project

MicroSensing Technology & Systems

This project is about developing a microsensing platform of sub-mm size able to generate energy, stored it in micro-batteries, communicate data via antenna, sense data and be controlled by a clock and has a memory to store the information. As an initial demonstration of the capability to be offered we deployed electronic tags on bees and this data ... more

Paulo De Souza Junior

Modelling swarm sensing data ingestion and analysis and visualisation

The swarm sensing project is developing micro-sensing technologies to be deployed in large numbers in the environment. In preparation for the data availability, this model was developed to prepare an simulation environmental where data from micro-sensors can be ingested, analysed and visualised. As the project currently works with honey bees, an ag... more


Ray Williams

Paulo De Souza Junior

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