Global 30s resolution land use for 2005

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Global 30s resolution land use for 2005

A global map of 5 land use types at 30s (approx. 1km) resolution for 2005. The data set was generated through the statistical downscaling of the Land-use Harmonisation data set (Hurt et al 2011) at Five land use types (primary, secondary, pasture, crop, urban) are provided as separate raster layers, with the value of each cell ... more

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Land Use cropping global pasture primary habitat secondary habitat urban


Downscaling land-use data to provide global 30" estimates of five land-use classes. Ecology and Evolution



Statistical downscaling was based on the following global raster layers: Coarse Scale Land -Use: 2005 data layer of five land-use classes from the world Harmonised Land Use database. Input covariates:- ACC.flt : Global Accessibility Index. The travel time to the nearest population centre of 50,000 or more. EARS.flt : MOD16 data set gap filled with Annual Actual Evaporations calculated as the sum of monthly EA derived using the Budkyo framework based on WorldClim climatic data, using PAWHC calculated from 1km Soil Depth from combined with AWC from the Harmonised World Soil Database. MAT.flt: Mean Annual Temperature with maximum and minimum temperature corrected for radiation differences due to variation in terrain based on Danielson and Dean (2011) following Wilson and Gallant (2000). PTA.flt: Annual precipitation. Sum of monthly precipitation from WorldClim. TWI.flt: Topographic Wetness Index. Calculated at 9 s and upscaled to 1 km. ICE.flt: Presence of permanent ice. SLP.flt: Slope calculated at 9 s and upscaled to 1 km. SOC.flt: Soil Organic Carbon content. Weighted average of all depth classes. WATER.flt: Presence of permanent water bodies. POP.flt: Population density. CLC.flt: Consensus land-cover. 1 km land-cover product made by harmonising multiple products.

Data and method were produced by: Andrew J Hoskins Alex Bush James Gilmore Tom Harwood Chris Ware Kristen Williams Simon Ferrier Credit for lineage data sources can be found in the supporting attachment document

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Hoskins, Andrew; Bush, Alex; Gilmore, James; Harwood, Tom; Ware, Chris; Williams, Kristen; Ferrier, Simon (2015): Global 30s resolution land use for 2005. v3. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2015.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project

1173.3 Strat: WPC Global Prot Area Ass

This project employs macroecological modelling and analysis techniques pioneered by CSIRO to assess present and future representation of terrestrial biodiversity within the world’s protected-area system. The project aims to address four main questions: 1. How adequately does the world’s protected-area system represent current patterns of compositio... more

Kristen Williams

Land-use downscaling

This activity uses statistical downscaling methods to produce fine-grained predictions of land-use from the outputs of coarse-grained land-use models.


Andrew Hoskins

Alex Bush

James Gilmore

Tom Harwood

Chris Ware

Kristen Williams

Simon Ferrier

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