Managed Aquifer Recharge with recycled water (part 3) Economics and experiences

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Managed Aquifer Recharge with recycled water (part 3) Economics and experiences

Seven case studies of MAR for water recycling are presented, three of which use infiltration techniques for recharge while the remaining four employ well injection methods for recharge. Economic assessment of six of the seven case studies was carried out (the seventh is still under development). Case study locations where; i) Infiltration basins, ... more

Environment and Resource Economics



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Managed Aquifer Recharge recycled water economics


The work described in this report was supported by the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence, CSIRO Land and Water Flagship, Power Water Corporation, Water Corporation, City West Water and Barwon Water. Advisory Committee Members, John Radcliffe, Warren Traves, Judy Blackbeard, Chris Hertle and Ed Hauck have provided valuable advice over the course of the project. The assistance of David George, John Pudney (Power Water Corporation), Pippa Hepburn, Stacey Hamilton, Paul Bendotti, M. Graham, Kevin Guppy, Stefan Leutenegger and Roman Harasymow (Water Corporation), Justin Franklin, Mark Dodgshun and Gwyn Hatton (Barwon Water), Chris Arabatzoudis (City West Water) and Rudi Regel and Greg Ingleton (SA Water Corporation) are sincerely appreciated in providing information and advice for preparation of the case studies. The authors also gratefully acknowledge the valuable information on costs of establishing managed aquifer recharge schemes provided by Russell Martin of Aqueon.

CSIRO Data Licence

Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence (Australia), Barwon Water (Australia), City West Water (Australia), CSIRO (Australia), Power and Water Corporation - Northern Territory (Australia), Water Corporation (Australia)

Vanderzalm, Joanne; Dillon, Peter; Tapsuwan, Sorada; Pickering, Phil; Arold, Nadja; Bekele, Elise; Barry, Karen; Donn, Mike; McFarlane, Don (2015): Managed Aquifer Recharge with recycled water (part 3) Economics and experiences. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. 102.100.100/25154

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2015.

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About this Project

AWRCE Impediments to MARRO

To further investigate clogging and changes in water quality during MAR, a research project was divided into two related field investigations to cover the major issues that were initially identified as impediments to MAR on a national scale. The first component focused on MAR via an infiltration gallery located in predominantly medium-grained Aeoli... more

Joanne Vanderzalm

MARRO Project

Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recycling Options Research Project


Joanne Vanderzalm

Peter Dillon

Sorada Tapsuwan

Phil Pickering

Nadja Arold

Elise Bekele

Karen Barry

Mike Donn

Don McFarlane

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