NCAS calibration and verification data

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About this Collection

NCAS calibration and verification data

Monthly climate data, soil organic carbon pools and annual plant residue inputs from a number of Australian field studies that were used for the calibration and verification of the National Carbon Accounting System.

Agricultural Land Management Agricultural Production Systems Simulation Carbon Sequestration Science Land Capability and Soil Degradation Soil Chemistry (excl. Carbon Sequestration Science)

01 Jan 1918

31 Dec 2000

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Soil Carbon Land use Cropping Pasture


National Carbon Accounting System technical report

The data was transcribed from "Technical Report no. 36 Integrated Soils Modelling for the National Carbon Accounting System (Estimating Changes in Soil Carbon Resulting for Changes in Land Use)" authored by Jan Skjemstad and Leonie Spouncer and published by the Australian Greenhouse Office in 2003.

Authors: Jan Skjemstad and Leonie Spouncer, CSIRO Land and Water. Samples and data: Bruce Cowie, QDPI; Jeff Schulz, SARDI; Ram Dalal, QDNR&M; Neil Fettell, Graham Crocker and Damian Heenan, NSWA; Malcolm McCaskil and Roger Armstrong, AV; Richard Merry, CSIRO Land and Water; Mel Mason, Consultant; Brian Murphy, NSWIPNR; Ted Griffin, NRMAWA; Ben Harms, QDNR&M. Project initialisation and development: Roger Swift and Adrian Webb. Sample preparation, analysis and modelling: Les Janik, Sonia Grocke, Belinda Wilson and Roger Dennison. Plant residue predictions: Merv Probert. The data were transcribed and published by Ryan Farquharson with the support of Rachel Burgess from the Department of Environment and a Department of Agriculture Filling the Research Gap grant.

CSIRO Data Licence

Australian Government Department of the Environment (Australia), CSIRO (Australia)

Skjemstad, Jan; Spouncer, Leonie (2003): NCAS calibration and verification data. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) Australian Government Department of the Environment , CSIRO Australia 2003.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project


Legacy data collection

Old data that may have future use, but collected or collated for a project that was never completed.


Jan Skjemstad

Leonie Spouncer

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