Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI) Software

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Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI) Software

This collection provides PIRI as a software tool to assess environmental impact of pesticides, especially via their impact on water quality, and provide safer choices of pesticides products. The software has been written in Tcl/Tk but is compiled to make it a platform free application and therefore does not require any particular program to run i... more

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PIRI pesticide risk assessment water quality risk indicator




Background information on PIRI


Kookana, R.S.; Correll, R.L.; Miller, R.B. Pesticide Impact Rating Index - a pesticide risk indicator for water quality. Water, Air & Soil Pollution: Focus. 2005; 5:45-65.


Kookana, R.S.; Kumar, A.; Oliver, D.P.; Correll, R.L. Pesticide risk indicators - their role in minimising off-site impacts of pesticides on water quality. American Chemical Society Symposium Series; 966: 37-52.


Land & Water Australia (2005) Return on Investment Report Evaluation 19. Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI)


CSIRO developed the software using a platform free language with internal and external funding support.

Formerly (now defunct) Land and Water Australia (a rural R&D corporation).

CSIRO Binary Software Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Kookana, Rai; Correll, Ray; Miller, Ros (2014): Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI) Software. v5. CSIRO. Software Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2014.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project


Minimising environmental impact of pesticides

Minimising environmental impact of pesticides through development of best management practices. PIRI is one of the risk reduction tools to identify pesticides with relatively lower environmental footprint.


Rai Kookana

Ray Correll

Ros Miller

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