Barramundi Liver Raw Sequence Reads

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Barramundi Liver Raw Sequence Reads

Total RNA extracted from liver from 12 individuals and pooled in equal quantities. Individual RNA was from BAR 10-3 timecourse post feeding experiment. Liver RNA extracted from different times after feeding. Pooled animals: 2 animals (T0-J and K) - not fed; 3 animals; 1hr (T60-I,J,K) and 2hrs (T120-I,J,K) after feeding (6 total); 1 animal - 4hrs (T... more

Animal Cell and Molecular Biology Gene Expression (incl. Microarray and other genome-wide approaches)

07 Aug 2013

07 Aug 2013

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next generation sequencing Roche 454 GLX Titanium transcriptome

Sample Name: 2011_04_25_NickWade_Fish_Liver Application: Transcirptome Sequencing Sample Buffer: water 260/280 ratio: 2.0 Conc (ng/ul): 500 Volume (ul): 480 Total Amount: 240ug Sample Type: Total RNA Library Type: Shotgun library Pooling: equal amounts (20ug) from 12 individuals Machine: GS-FLX Titanium Run type: Normal Run Scale: 1/4 region Barcode sorting: no Read count: 109,883 Total bases: 38,088,470 Av Read length: 300bp File Format: FASTQ (.fa) contains nucleotide sequence and corresponding quality scores

All experimental animal samples, RNA extractions and quality assessments, sample preparation and data generation was performed by Nick Wade.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Wade, Nick; Glencross, Brett (2013): Barramundi Liver Raw Sequence Reads. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. 102.100.100/13190

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2013.

Although the associated metadata is public, the files (if any) have not been approved for general release. Please phone or email the contact person for this collection to discuss access to the files.

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About this Project

CLSD Feed Tech Novel Feeds

Expansion of genetic resources in the Giant Tiger Shrimp, Penaeus monodon

Nick Wade


Shotgun sequencing of RNA to identify novel sequence information. Likely pooled sample from a number of different developmental stages or time points.


any next generation machine such as Illumina, 454, Ion Torrent etc

Nick Wade

Brett Glencross