GFLOWS Hydrogeology

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GFLOWS Hydrogeology

Derived hydrogeology dataset of the Musgrave Block in South Australia.

Geology not elsewhere classified Hydrogeology

28 Jun 2013

28 Jun 2013

CSIRO Enquiries
1300 363 400

Geoscience geology hydrogeology Goyder Institute for Water Research


Gilfedder, M., Munday, T. (2013) Facilitating Long Term Out-Back Water Solutions (G-FLOWS-1) Final Report. Goyder Institute for Water Research Technical Report Series


The Goyder Institute for Water Research


The Alluvial class was digitized from the CSIRO MrVBF Palaeodrainage dataset (integer classes 5 and 6). The Colluvial aquifers, Fractured rock aquifers in fresh to moderately weathered rocks and Aquifers in saprolite and fractured high weathered rock classes were extracted from the PIRSA 2M Regolith Material dataset. The Alluvial/Colluvial aquifers class filled in the remaining area.

This study was supported by The Goyder Institute for Water Research

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia), Goyder Institute for Water Research (Australia)

Tim Munday; Tania Abdat (2013): GFLOWS Hydrogeology. v2. CSIRO. Data Collection. 102.100.100/13038

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2013.

Although the associated metadata is public, the files (if any) have not been approved for general release. Please phone or email the contact person for this collection to discuss access to the files.

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Location Details

25°55′5.9448″ S

28°49′22.548″ S

134°37′10.4088″ E

128°52′38.9028″ E


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Andrew Taylor

Research Projects Officer




Geoscientific Information

About this Project

Goyder Flows Project

Goyder Flows Project

Tim Munday


Digitising classes for hydrogeology


Tim Munday

Tania Ibrahimi

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