RV Franklin 2/88 Post Cruise Project Data

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RV Franklin 2/88 Post Cruise Project Data

The RV Franklin expedition (2/88) was conducted in early 1988 in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The Cruise summary provides full details on station locations, and samples collected. Other cruise details can be obtained obtained via the CSIRO Data Centre. Water samples were collected using a CTD rosette sampler equiped with 20 L Niskin bottles, with se... more

Analytical Biochemistry

01 Jan 1988

31 Dec 1994

CSIRO Enquiries
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Gulf of Carpentaria fatty acids isotopes


Rothlisberg, P. C.; Pollard, P. C.; Nichols, P. D.; Moriarty, D. J. W.; Forbes, A. M. G.; Jackson, C. J.; et al. Phytoplankton community structure and productivity in relation to the hydrological regime of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia, in summer. Australian journal of marine and freshwater research. 1994; 45(3):265-282.

Fatty acid profiles were generated by GC and GC analyses (see AJMFR paper). Isotope data was by mass spectrometer analyses.

See Cruise summary for listing of all participants

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CSIRO (Australia)

CSIRO (2013): RV Franklin 2/88 Post Cruise Project Data. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

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Location Details

12°0′0″ S

16°0′0″ S

142°0′0″ E

136°0′0″ E


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Paul Tildesley

Research Program Leader

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Marine National Facility

Sample analyses

Fatty acid, stable isotope analyses


gas chromatography (fatty acids) mass spectrometry (isotopes)