Wildlife Parasite and Pathology Collection

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About this Collection

Wildlife Parasite and Pathology Collection

The Wildlife Parasite and Pathology Collection is a biodiversity resource backing up nearly 40 years of research into the biology and taxonomy of Australian native and introduced parasites and the biology and pathology of their hosts. The Collection currently holds 9,228 irreplaceable specimens of 1074 parasite species, covering 94 families in 1... more

Animal Systematics and Taxonomy Biological Adaptation Ecology not elsewhere classified Evolutionary Biology not elsewhere classified Host-Parasite Interactions Invertebrate Biology Life Histories Microbial Ecology Phylogeny and Comparative Analysis Speciation and Extinction Vertebrate Biology

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parasites parasitology Acanthocephala thorny-headed worms Acari ticks mites Anoplura sucking lice bacteria Cestoda tapeworms Digenea trematodes Insecta insects Monogenea trematodes Hippoboscida keds Mallophaga lice Nematoda roundworms Pentastomida tongue worms Protozoa Siphonaptera fleas collection birds reptiles ... more

CSIRO Data Licence

Commonwealth of Australia (Australia), CSIRO (Australia)

Joseph, Leo; Spratt, Dave (2011): Wildlife Parasite and Pathology Collection. v2. CSIRO. Data Collection.

This collection is owned by CSIRO. Access rights: Specimens may be lent to other research facilities such as museums and universities by application to the Director.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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Leo Joseph

Dave Spratt

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