Australian National Herbarium

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Australian National Herbarium

The Australian National Herbarium, with approximately 1 million preserved plant specimens, is one of the three largest plant collections in Australia. It is unique among the Australian Herbaria in having a national focus for its collections, acquisition and research programs. The Australian National Herbarium arose from the amalgamation over the... more

Biogeography and Phylogeography Evolutionary Biology not elsewhere classified Plant Systematics and Taxonomy Speciation and Extinction

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phylogeography herbarium nomenclature biogeography phylogeny taxonomy evolution systematics

CSIRO Data Licence

Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research (Australia), CSIRO (Australia)

Lepschi, Brendan (2011): Australian National Herbarium. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. 102.100.100/9136

Specimens in the Australian National Herbarium are jointly owned by partners in the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research. Access rights: Australian National Herbarium is accessible to researchers only. Loans available only to registered Herbaria. A public reference herbarium is accessible at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, ... more

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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Australian National Herbarium

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Brendan Lepschi

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