VineLOGIC: Grapevine growth and development model

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VineLOGIC: Grapevine growth and development model

VineLOGIC is a model of grapevine growth and development. It integrates the influence of climate, soil water and salt balance on growth and yield. It operates at a point scale and uses a daily time step, requiring historical daily weather data from the closest station as inputs. Source code released through this publication underpins separate softw... more

Environmental Management Natural Resource Management Oenology and Viticulture Sustainable Agricultural Development

01 Jul 1990

30 Apr 2020

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VineLOGIC Grapevine Growth Development Phenology Model Climate Soil Water Salinity


VineLOGIC - a model of grapevine growth development and water use


Modelled impact of future climate change on the phenology of winegrapes in Australia


VineLOGIC model source code repository





The concept and development of VineLOGIC was initiated in the early 1990s following discussions between CSIRO and the Grape and Wine Research & Development Corporation (GWRDC) (now Wine Australia). GWRDC funding (1994-1999) enabled collection of grapevine growth and development data from two trial sites, one at Merbein, Victoria, by Dr Karl Sommer (CSIRO) and the other at Mt Helen, Victoria, by Dr Ian Goodwin (Department of Primary Industries, Victoria). The vineyard trial sites involved different climates, varieties, soil types, trellis and pruning systems. Crop modelling was done by Dr Doug Godwin and software development by Bob White. Viticultural input was provided by Dr Karl Sommer, Peter Clingeleffer and Dr Rob Walker. Some aspects, for example, of growth, development and soil-plant water relations were derived from early versions of the CERES model and the water balance component was derived from SWAGMAN Destiny model, coordinated by Dr Wayne Meyer (CSIRO). Key references are mentioned in the supporting attachment called License_GPLv3.txt. Initial data sets for validation purposes were provided by the late Dr Peter May (CSIRO) and Dr Michael McCarthy (South Australian Research and Development Institute). By 1999, the model was sufficiently developed to be taken into the Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture (CRCV). Further development (1999-2006) included expanding options available for soils which was made possible by inputs from Dr David Maschmedt (Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation, South Australia), Dr Rob Fitzpatrick, Dr Wayne Meyer, Dr Rob Bramley and Dr Dean Lanyon (all CSIRO). Routines for yield prediction in saline soils, including the effect of different rootstocks, were enabled by Dr Xike Zhang (CSIRO). This included access to data sets supplied by Dr Linda Prior (New South Wales Department of Agriculture), Rob Stevens (South Australian Research and Development Institute) and a third from CSIRO (Dr Rob Walker, Deidre Blackmore and Peter Clingeleffer). Trials on a wine company vineyard in the Mildura region enabled data collection on different pruning regimes by Dr Rachel Ashley, on phenology, berry growth, maturation and yield by Dr Anne Pellegrino (CSIRO) and on grapevine responses to water deficit by Dr Nicola Cooley (CSIRO), with input from Peter Clingeleffer and for the latter two by Dr Rob Walker. Two menu driven simulation packages underpinned by this source code were released. The first, called VineLOGIC Education, was released in 2003 following input by Bob Barrett (University of Adelaide), Dr Dejan Tesic (Charles Sturt University) and Professor John Considine (University of Western Australia) and the second, called VineLOGIC Virtual Vineyard, was released in 2005. A collaboration (2004-2006) between CRCV and Agricultural Production Systems Research Unit (APSRU) through Dr Neil Huth (CSIRO) enabled different landscape scenarios to be examined for effects on vineyard water and salt balances. On winding-up of the CRCV, The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) became the custodian of VineLOGIC intellectual property and has worked with CSIRO to explore opportunities for further development, including a collaboration with The University of Adelaide that commenced in 2017. Two CSIRO e-Research projects enhanced a separate component of the model that enabled comparison of model predicted outputs with measured outputs from experimental data sets obtained between 2001 and 2006. This work was coordinated by David Benn (CSIRO) with input from Dr Paul Petrie (AWRI /SARDI), Dr Vinay Pagay (University of Adelaide) and Dr Rob Walker (CSIRO). A further CSIRO e-Research project and collaboration with University of Adelaide has enabled preparation of source code for publication with inputs from David Benn and Dr Rob Walker (CSIRO) and Professor Seth Westra, Dr Bree Bennett, Dr Bertram Ostendorf, Dr Sam Culley and Dr Matt Knowling (University of Adelaide).

Funding (1994-1999) was received from Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (now Wine Australia), with in-kind contributions from CSIRO and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria. Funding (1999-2006) was received from CRCV, with in-kind contribution from CSIRO and funds from the Murray Darling Basin Commission (November 2001 to November 2003), the latter to develop an enhanced salinity impacts prediction routine. CSIRO e-Research projects enabled development work between 2018 and 2020. Wine Australia and Riverland Wine funding through University of Adelaide enabled input by Dr Sam Culley and Dr Matt Knowling (January to April 2020). Dr Everard Edwards (CSIRO) provided input to pre-publication review. Mikaela Lawrence (CSIRO) assisted with pre-publication review and publication preparation.

GPLv3 Licence with CSIRO Disclaimer

Australian Wine Research Institute (Australia), CRC for Viticulture (Australia), CSIRO (Australia), Wine Australia (Australia)

Walker, Rob; Godwin, D. C.; White, R. J. G.; Sommer, K. J.; Goodwin, Ian; Clingeleffer, Peter; Zhang, Xike; Pellegrino, Anne; Culley, Sam; Benn, David (2020): VineLOGIC: Grapevine growth and development model. v1. CSIRO. Software Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) Australian Wine Research Institute, CSIRO 2020.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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Fortran, Make and Python

Fortran 90 (model code) and Python 3 (test script)

Linux, Windows or Mac


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Rob Walker

D. C. Godwin

R. J. G. White

K. J. Sommer

Ian Goodwin

Peter Clingeleffer

Xike Zhang

Anne Pellegrino

Sam Culley

David Benn

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