Subsoils Innovative lime incorporation at West Wubin

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Subsoils Innovative lime incorporation at West Wubin

CSIRO aims to identify the differences in water uptake patterns by crops for constrained (acid and compacted) and ameliorated (limed, ripped, lime and ripped) treatments. To determine if the water patterns and yields in the trials can be estimated (using APSIM) through adjustments of the soil’s root growth (xf).

Farming Systems Research

01 Jul 2014

30 Jun 2019

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lime dolomite,sub-soil constraints soil moisture root growth yield ameliorated acidity compaction water uptake

The trial consists of different mixing (untreated, spaded, grizzly) with products applied (untreated, lime, dolomite and lime + dolomite). Soil water probes were installed in July 2015 in 3 replicates of the combinations of spaded and untreated mixing with nil product and lime + dolomite. In each plot, measurements of pH, soil strength, crop biomass, crop yield, weeds were collected as well as drone images of NDVI over the trial. This data was used to infer effect of acidity and compaction with amelioration strategies on the crop yield and soil water uptake and compare APSIM modelling.

Many thanks to the Barnes family for all their help and input in setting up and managing the trial. Thanks to McIntosh and Son, Wongan Hills for use of the Tiny Grizzly and to Rohan Broun, Liebe member, for his time and the use of the spader; Scott’s Watheroo Dolomite for donating dolomite and the McNeill family, Dalwallinu for donating the limesand. This trial set-up was funded by GRDC through LIE00008: Working together to deliver multiple benefit messages to growers through a whole systems approach to soil management, and funding from Wheatbelt NRM. The trial management and data collection were funded by GRDC through DAW00242: Subsoil constraints - understanding and management which was led by David Hall (DPIRD) and Yvette Oliver (CSIRO). This data set was contributed by Yvette Oliver (CSIRO), Claire Johnston, Lilly Martin (Liebe Group.). The CSIRO project team also included Mike Wong, Phil Ward, Karen Treble and Gary Ogden.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

CSIRO (Australia), Department of Primary Industries and Regional DEvelopment (Australia), Liebe Group (Australia), Grains Research and Development Corporation (Australia)

Treble, Karen (2019): Subsoils Innovative lime incorporation at West Wubin. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2019.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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30°12′16.182″ S

116°27′28.6668″ E


About this Project

GRDC/WAAA: DAW00242 Subsoil Constraints

Subsoil constraints (SSC) cost WA growers more than $600 million pa in lost production (Herbert 2009). The constraints include subsoil: Acidity, nutrient disorders (deficiencies, toxicities), compaction, sodicity/ waterlogging/permability contrast and alkalinity/boron/transient salinity. These constraints reduce root depth and function to the exten... more

Yvette Oliver

Wubin subsoil constraints amelioration trial

Wubin subsoil constraints amelioration trial data collection


Karen Treble

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