Parkes observations for project P895 semester 2019APRS_03

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Parkes observations for project P895 semester 2019APRS_03

Since the year 2005, the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array (PPTA) project has been placing ever more stringent constraints on the amplitude of a gravitational wave background signal. Such upper bounds on the amplitude of the gravitational wave signal are currently dominated by a single pulsar: PSR J1909-3744. The upper bound with this pulsar alone alrea... more

Astronomical and Space Sciences not elsewhere classified

01 Apr 2019

30 Sep 2019

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pulsars neutron stars P895_2019APRS

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Hobbs, George; Manchester, Dick; Sarkissian, John; Bailes, Matthew; Bhat, Ramesh; Keith, Michael; Coles, William; van Straten, Willem; Toomey, Lawrence; Russell, Chris; You, xiaopeng; Ravi, Vikram; Oslowski, Stefan; Kerr, Matthew; Dempsey, James; Shannon, Ryan; Wang, Jingbo; Wen, Linqing; Zhu, Xingjiang; Dai, Shi; Lasky, Paul; Burke, Sarah; Reardon, Daniel John; Zhang, Lei; Rosado, Pablo; Spiewak, Renee ; Parthasarathy, Aditya (2019): Parkes observations for project P895 semester 2019APRS_03. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2019.

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About this Project

Australia Telescope National Facility

P895 - Where are the gravitational waves?

Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicts that supermassive binary black holes will produce waves in space and time that are known as gravitational waves. With the observations carried out for this project we aim to carry out the most sensitive search yet undertaken for such waves. We expect that before the year 2017 we will either have ev... more



George Hobbs

Dick Manchester

John Sarkissian

Matthew Bailes

Ramesh Bhat

Michael Keith

William Coles

Willem van Straten

Lawrence Toomey

Chris Russell

xiaopeng You

Vikram Ravi

Stefan Oslowski

Matthew Kerr

James Dempsey

Ryan Shannon

Jingbo Wang

Linqing Wen

Xingjiang Zhu

Shi Dai

Paul Lasky

Sarah Burke

Daniel John Reardon

Lei Zhang

Pablo Rosado

Renee Spiewak

Aditya Parthasarathy

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