NESP Tropical Cyclone Projections Portal

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About this Collection

NESP Tropical Cyclone Projections Portal

The NESP Tropical Cyclone Projections Portal is a website with interactive features designed to provide information on the historical and projected climatology of tropical cyclone (TC) tracks in the southern hemisphere, with a particular focus on the Australian region. Tropical cyclone tracks are displayed from periods within baseline and future ... more

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Tony Rafter

tropical cyclones climatology climate projections R Shiny interactive data visualisation

Data displayed in the portal were modified and/or filtered tropical cyclone tracks from the IBTrACS best track archive representing observations, or tropical cyclone-like circulations detected in output of CMIP5 global climate models using the RCP 8.5 emissions pathway. The visualisations within the portal were developed using the programming language R, utilising the package 'shiny' to develop interactive options. Other R packages used include leaflet, ggplot2, and plotly. The PostgreSQL database was built using python, while the density of TCs were created using a custom Fortran program.

This project is supported through funding from the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub of the Australian Government's National Environmental Science Program. Data used in the portal were sourced as follows: - IBTrACS data downloaded from - CSIRO Direct Detection TC track data produced at CSIRO by Andres Roubicek, Deborah Abbs, Sally Lavender, Tony Rafter - Okubo-Weiss-Zeta track data produced at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology by Kevin Tory, Harvey Ye - ONI data downloaded from

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CSIRO (Australia), Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)

Rafter, Tony; Erwin, Tim; Thatcher, Marcus; Ramsay, Hamish; Gardner, Brint (2019): NESP Tropical Cyclone Projections Portal. v1. CSIRO. Service Collection. 102.100.100/138277

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2019.

The metadata and services are available to the public.

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About this Project

NESP ESCC Extreme weather projections

Development of a tropical cyclone data portal/web tool to provide tropical cyclone projections in an easy to use way for next/end users

Hamish Ramsay

Tropical Cyclone Projections Portal

This publicly viewable interactive display of tropical cyclone projection information was developed as part of Project 2.8 of the National Environmental Science Programme's Earth System and Climate Change Hub, on Extreme Weather Projections.


Tony Rafter

Tim Erwin

Marcus Thatcher

Hamish Ramsay

Brint Gardner