Parkes observations for project P789 semester 2018OCTS_18

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Parkes observations for project P789 semester 2018OCTS_18

Recently there has been great success at Parkes discovering millisecond pulsars (MSPs), a class that includes some of the most interesting and scientifically valuable pulsars known. In the last few years, we have discovered more than 40 MSPs though the High Time Resolution Universe Survey (P630) and Fermi searches (P675/P814). Here we propose to ca... more

Astronomical and Space Sciences not elsewhere classified

01 Oct 2018

01 Apr 2019

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pulsars neutron stars compact binaries and/or black-holes P789_2018OCTS

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Spiewak, Renee ; Possenti, Andrea; Johnston, Simon; Kramer, Michael; Burgay, Marta; Freire, Paulo; Camilo, Fernando; Stairs, Ingrid; Bailes, Matthew; Ransom, Scott; Keith, Michael; Eatough, Ralph; Lorimer, Duncan Ross; van Straten, Willem; Stappers, Benjamin; Ray, Paul; Keane, Evan; Levin, Lina; Kerr, Matthew; Champion, David; Ng, Cherry; Ferdman, Robert; Barr, Ewan; Jankowski, Fabian; Morello, Vincent; Cromartie, Thankful; Wex, Norbert (2018): Parkes observations for project P789 semester 2018OCTS_18. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2018.

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About this Project

Australia Telescope National Facility

P789 - Timing of Binary & Millisecond Pulsars Discovered at Parkes

Millisecond pulsars are neutron stars that weigh more than the sun, are smaller than your capital city and spin faster than your kitchen blender. Rotating once every few milliseconds, their lighthouse beam of radio waves is detected by the Parkes telescope as a train of pulses. By studying these amazing and exotic objects we hope to understand more... more



Renee Spiewak

Andrea Possenti

Simon Johnston

Michael Kramer

Marta Burgay

Paulo Freire

Fernando Camilo

Ingrid Stairs

Matthew Bailes

Scott Ransom

Michael Keith

Ralph Eatough

Duncan Ross Lorimer

Willem van Straten

Benjamin Stappers

Paul Ray

Evan Keane

Lina Levin

Matthew Kerr

David Champion

Cherry Ng

Robert Ferdman

Ewan Barr

Fabian Jankowski

Vincent Morello

Thankful Cromartie

Norbert Wex

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