Grazplan historic weather data for Australia

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About this Collection

Grazplan historic weather data for Australia

These data are historic weather records for Australia obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology, then processed for use with the GrazPlan suite of decision support tools (MetAccess, GrassGro and AusFarm). The raw data must not be redistributed without the consent of the Bureau of Meteorology.

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Raw data was obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology, via Horizon Agriculture (CSIRO's commercial partner for distribution of the GrazPlan software). These data were then first imported into a database, then extracted in a form suitable for use with the GrazPlan program suite. This process has been ongoing since the early 1990s, and details of the data manipulation procedures have changed over time. Note that the zip archives holding the raw data and the folders holding the intermediate databases and processed outputs are named on the basis of the year in which those data were received from the BOM, not the year(s) during which the data were collected. However, the Firebird database files (from 2005 onwards), are named to reflect the last year of data contained within them. Hence data received from the Bureau in 2010, containing data to the end of 2009, is found in the database file on the path Database\2010\MASTER2009.FDB..

Data were originally collected by the Bureau of Meteorology.

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia), Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)

Zurcher, Eric; Herrmann, Neville (2020): Grazplan historic weather data for Australia. v3. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology 2020.

Although the associated metadata is public, the files (if any) have not been approved for general release. Please phone or email the contact person for this collection to discuss access to the files.

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81°0′0″ S

155°0′0″ E

110°0′0″ E


About this Project

SIP 60 APSIM Development

Development of software tools for research and decision support in Australian agriculture.

Dean Holzworth

Eric Zurcher

Neville Herrmann

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