RV Investigator Voyage IN2017_C01 End of Voyage (EOV) Archive

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RV Investigator Voyage IN2017_C01 End of Voyage (EOV) Archive

This record describes the End of Voyage (EOV) archive from the Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Investigator research voyage in2017_c01, titled "GAB deep water geological and benthic ecology program." The voyage took place from Hobart (TAS) to Hobart between April 11 and April 28, 2017. For further information refer to the Voyage docume... more

Atmospheric Aerosols Atmospheric Radiation Biological Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Climate Change Processes Marine Geoscience Meteorology Oceanography not elsewhere classified Physical Oceanography

11 Apr 2017

28 Apr 2017

HF data-requests

ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) Atmospheric Pressure Measurements Atmospheric Radiation CO2 Analysers CTDs (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profilers) Cameras - Video - Underwater Carbon Dioxide Derwent Estuary, TAS Fisheries Fisheries echosounder EK60 GPS (Global Positioning System) Global Positioning Systems Gravity meters ... more


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Original field data. The raw EOV data archive was transferred from the vessel and archived at the O&A IDC in Hobart. A final manifest file for the final archive was generated (in2017_c01_manifest_1.0_rawVoyage_cs.txt). Available paper documents are scanned to 400 dpi PDF and stored at the IDC record storage system. ELOG files are generated as csv-formatted files and archived.

This data was collected on the Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Investigator voyage IN2017_C01.

CSIRO Data Licence

Australian Museum (Australia), CSIRO (Australia), Museum Victoria (Australia), Marine National Facility (Australia)

CSIRO; Talukder, Asrar; Williams, Alan; Stalvies, Charlotte; Ross, Andrew (2017): RV Investigator Voyage IN2017_C01 End of Voyage (EOV) Archive. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2017.

Although the associated metadata is public, the files (if any) have not been approved for general release. Please phone or email the contact person for this collection to discuss access to the files.

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Location Details

34°23′24″ S

43°42′36″ S

147°30′36″ E

129°19′48″ E


More about this Collection


IN2017_C01 EOV

Data captured as at the End of Voyage.


Earth Science | Oceans | Ocean Circulation | Ocean Currents; Earth Science | Oceans | Salinity/Density | Salinity; Earth Science | Oceans | Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography | Seafloor Topography; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Pressure | Surface Pressure; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Chemistry | Carbon And Hydrocarbon Compounds | Carbon Dioxide; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Pressure | Atmospheric Pressure Measurements; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Chemistry | Oxygen Compounds | Ozone; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Winds | Surface Winds; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Radiation | Solar Radiation; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Winds | Surface Winds | Wind Speed/Wind Direction; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Temperature | Surface Air Temperature; Earth Science | Agriculture | Agricultural Aquatic Sciences | Fisheries; Earth Science | Atmosphere | Atmospheric Radiation; Earth Science | Oceans | Ocean Chemistry | Carbon Dioxide; Earth Science | Solid Earth | Gravity/Gravitational Field; Earth Science | Spectral/Engineering | Visible Wavelengths | Visible Imagery; Earth Science | Oceans | Ocean Chemistry | Oxygen; Earth Science Services | Data Analysis And Visualization | Global Positioning Systems; Earth Science | Oceans | Ocean Temperature | Sea Surface Temperature

Marine National Facility

MNF Charter voyage (ShortNameSuffix _cnn)

Ship: Investigator (RV)

Research Charter: IN2017_C01

Vessel Data: undulating CTD; Vessel/Station Data: Hydrology; Vessel Data: ADCP; Vessel Data: Multibeam Echosounder; Vessel Data: XBT; Vessel Data: CTD; Vessel Data: Acoustics (Fisheries); Vessel Data: Underway; Vessel Data: Dissolved Oxygen

SST Radiometer turned off during rough weather, 25th, 26th April. The eco triplet was logged using an incorrect setup. The original logs for cast 1 – 4 do not contain valid timestamps due to a misconfiguration of the commtrol unit. A python script was written to re-create valid records.

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OrganisationIndividual NamePositionRoleContact Information
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere - Information and Data CentreData




23-3-2018 09:31:43

About this Project

Marine National Facility

End of Voyage (EOV) Data

Archive of raw End-of-Voyage data from the Marine National Facility voyages.


Multiple instruments and sensors are used in the acquisition of the EOV data.


Asrar Talukder

Alan Williams

Charlotte Stalvies

Andrew Ross

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