WAMSI 2 KSN 2.2.6 Terrestrial-Ocean linkages

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WAMSI 2 KSN 2.2.6 Terrestrial-Ocean linkages

This project represents the first attempt to characterize the interaction between largely undeveloped catchments and the coastal environment of the Kimberley and the role large coastal inlets play in transforming material transported from those catchments during large flows before it reaches the coast. This project has also attempted to provide the... more

Chemical Oceanography Sedimentology Surfacewater Hydrology Water Quality Engineering Water Resources Engineering

26 Oct 2013

03 May 2014

Andy Revill

Earth Science | Oceans | Coastal Processes | Inlets Earth Science | Oceans | Coastal Processes | Sediment Transport Earth Science | Oceans | Coastal Processes | Sedimentation Earth Science | Solid Earth | Rocks/Minerals/Crystals | Elements | Radioactive Elements Earth Science | Terrestrial Hydrosphere | Surface Water | Rivers/Streams ... more

Oceanographic and biogeochemical data was collected over two field campaigns to support development of the biogeochemical model. Chemical data to apportion sources of organic matter was also collected No primary data collected in the hydrology component, but major data sets collated and new, simulation, data created: 1. Daily climate data from a range of stations, and catchment average series computed 2. Daily stream flow data, sporadic water quality data, future climate projections, stream flow and water quality.

Andrew T. Revil (CSIRO) Nicole L. Jones (UWA) Matthew R. Hipsey (UWA) Louise C. Bruce (UWA) Richard Silberstein (UWA) Miles Furnas (AIMS) Michael Donn (CSIRO) Alexis Espinosa (UWA) Renee Gruber (UWA) Wencai Zhow (UWA)

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia), The University of Western Australia (Australia), Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (Australia), Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) (Australia)

Revill, Andy; Jones, Nicole; hipsey, Matthew; Bruce, Louise; Silberstein, Richard; Furnas, Miles; Donn, Michael; Espinosa, Alexis; Gruber, Renee; Zhou, Wencai (2017): WAMSI 2 KSN 2.2.6 Terrestrial-Ocean linkages. v2. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2017.

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16°24′36″ S

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About this Project

WAMSI - KIM 2.2.6 Terrestrial oce

The results from this project have provided the first insight to key questions around the role of terrestrial material entering the Kimberley coastal environment, however uncertainty remains in several aspects of the available observations and subsequent model predictions and these would require further refinement in order to answer key questions s... more

Andy Revill

Catchment-Ocean Modelling

Several catchment modelling approaches were tested following methods used in the CSIRO Pilbara Water Resources Assessment project (CSIRO 2012). The method adopted was a modification of the methodology used in the Northern Australian Sustainable Yields (NASY) (CSIRO, 2009) project. This improved methodology (CSIRO 2012) uses a relatively simple catc... more


computer simulations

Andy Revill

Nicole Jones

Matthew hipsey

Louise Bruce

Richard Silberstein

Miles Furnas

Michael Donn

Alexis Espinosa

Renee Gruber

Wencai Zhou

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