EBSD Data from GQ - Sunrise Dam Goldmine

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EBSD Data from GQ - Sunrise Dam Goldmine

Electron back-scatter diffraction data set collected on sample GQ1943_2 from Sunrise Dam Gold Mine. The sample contains fine-grained quartz and dolomite with areas of recrystallised veins. Data is presented as an ASCII text file in the CHANNEL5 text file (.ctf) format that contains match unit parameters, phase ID, Euler angle triplets that use the ... more

Mineralogy and Crystallography Ore Deposit Petrology Structural Geology

12 Jan 2016

22 Jul 2016

Mark Pearce

EBSD Sunrise Dam Gold Mine Dolomite Quartz


EBSDInterp Software


Data were collected from a polished 25 mm round sample that had been given a fine polish with colloidal silica (SYTON) and carbon coated to prevent charging in the SEM. Dolomite was indexed using a calcite match unit to prevent misindexing that commonly occurs in low trigonal materials due to pseudosymmetry. "Overview" data set was collected on a Tescan Mira FEG-SEM operating at an accelerating voltage of 20 keV using a NordlysNano EBSD detector and Oxford Instruments AZtec 3.0. "Matrix" and "Vein" data sets were collected on a Zeiss UltraPlus FEG-SEM operating at an accelerating voltage of 20 keV using Bruker Esprit 2.1 and a Bruker eFlashHR EBSD detector. These data sets were exported as CHANNEL5 ASCII text files. All data sets were processed using EBSDInterp v.1.02 (see related materials) using the parameters specified in the log file for each dataset. Unprocessed data sets and processing parameters are made available here.

Steve Reddy at Curtin University aided in the collection of the "Overview" dataset.

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia), Curtin University (Australia)

Pearce, Mark; Reddy, Steven (2016): EBSD Data from GQ - Sunrise Dam Goldmine. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2016.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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Location Details

29°4′60″ S

122°25′0″ E


About this Project


Geology of ore deposits

Increasing the understanding of physical processes leading to the formation of ore deposits


Mark Pearce

Steven Reddy

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