A carbonate rock X-ray CT data set for DCM tutorial training

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About this Collection

A carbonate rock X-ray CT data set for DCM tutorial training

This data set is a sub-set of “Carbonate rock X-ray CT and DCM microstructure data” at, for new users of the DCM software ( and as a tutorial training data.

Earth Sciences not elsewhere classified Simulation and Modelling Software Engineering

25 Jul 2016

Sam Yang

Data-constrained modelling X-ray CT carbonate calcite dolomite


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The size of the data sets is 100×90×80 voxels. It is a cut out from SLSdaraiAS-Aligned790x790x80int-0.01G25-LM.dcm with an X-offset of 690 voxels and a Y-offset of 700 voxels. Each voxel has a size of 1.85×1.85×1.85 cubic microns.

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

Yang, Sam; Mayo, Sherry; Chu, Clement; Clennell, Ben; Trinchi, Adrian; Taylor, John (2016): A carbonate rock X-ray CT data set for DCM tutorial training. v5. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO 2016.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project

CSS-TCP - Data Constrained Mater

The objective of the project is to develop a data-constrained modelling methodology and software implementation to advance CSIRO's capability in quantitative 3D characterisation, modelling and visualization of materials microstructures and their bulk properties. Benchmark case studies are conducted in collaboration with CSIRO Business Units to elev... more

Sam Yang

Data-constrained modelling (DCM)

Data-constrained characterisation of materials microstructures and performance properties by incorporating quantitative multi-energy X-ray CT in a generic statistical mechanical modelling framework


Sam Yang

Sherry Mayo

Clement Chu

Ben Clennell

Adrian Trinchi

John Taylor

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