PROMS Java Toolkit sourcecode

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About this Collection

PROMS Java Toolkit sourcecode

This is the v1.0 tagged release of the PROMS Java Toolkit source code from CSIRO's Stash version control system.

Data Structures Interorganisational Information Systems and Web Services Records and Information Management (excl. Business Records and Information Management)

23 Jun 2015

CSIRO Enquiries
1300 363 400

provenance Java PROV-O PROMS Linked Data

This data is entirely Java code as well as text files generated by CSIRO staff.

Nicholas Car - lead developer Stuart Woodman - developer Catherine Wise - developer

CSIRO Open Source Software Licence (Based on MIT/BSD Open Source Licence)

CSIRO (Australia)

Wise, Catherine; Car, Nick; Woodman, Stuart (2015): PROMS Java Toolkit sourcecode. v1. CSIRO. Software Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2015.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project

ANDS Provenance Service

This externally-funded project (by the Australian NAtional Data Service - ANDS) redeveloped the PROMS Server code base, an until-then internal CSIRO project, to make it production ready. Test use was demonstrated with the Virtual Hazard Impact and Risk Laboratory (VHIRL).

Ryan Fraser

PROMS methodology tooling generation

This activity includes all of the steps required to establish the PROMS methodology for provenance management. This involves the generation of multiple software systems, process descriptions and documentation and code libraries.


Catherine Wise

Nicholas Car

Stuart Woodman

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