Tasmanian plant functional traits

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Tasmanian plant functional traits

These data provide observed and interpolated functional trait values for 1220 Tasmanian plant species. The trait data are provided in spreadsheet (.csv) format, with a single value for the average maximum plant height, leaf area, and seed mass. A binary flag indicates for each species-trait combination indicates whether the primary data were obtain... more

Ecological Physiology

01 Mar 2013

10 Jul 2014

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Tasmania plant trait functional species leaf seed height

We collated functional trait data (maximum height, maximum leaf length, maximum leaf width, mean seed mass) for as many of the target 1220 Tasmanian plant species as possible. Data on leaf length and width were collated for the smallest lamina for compound leaves & ferns, with length and width for all species combined to calculate a single ‘leaf area’ trait, by assuming elliptically shaped leaves for every species. Trait data were collated from a variety of published and online sources and some limited field collected data. Where trait information could not be obtained for recorded species, we estimated species traits by applying the mean value across all species in the nearest taxonomic group (i.e. genus, family).

Reid, J., R. Hill, M. Brown, and M. Hovenden. 1999. Vegetation of Tasmania. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra. Harden, G. J. 2000. Flora of New South Wales. UNSW University Press, Kensington. Jordan, G. J. 2001. An investigation of long-distance dispersal based on species native to both Tasmania and New Zealand. Australian Journal of Botany 49:333-340. Maslin, B. R., and T. Tame. 2001. Wattle: Acacias of Australia. CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood. McGlone, M., S. Richardson, and G. Jordan. 2010. Comparative biogeography of New Zealand trees: species richness, height, leaf traits and range sizes. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 34:137-151.

CSIRO Data Licence

CSIRO (Australia), The University of Canberra (Australia), The University of Tasmania (Australia)

Mokany, Karel (2015): Tasmanian plant functional traits. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2015.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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About this Project


Tasmanian plants

Quantifying compositional and functional information for Tasmanian vascular plants


Karel Mokany

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