Marine Benthic Substrate Database - CAMRIS - Marsed

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Marine Benthic Substrate Database - CAMRIS - Marsed

This database contains information about the distribution of 10 different types of sea floor sediment in the Australian region. It was derived from data collected and mapped by the Ocean Sciences Institute, University of Sydney. Format: shapefile. Quality - Scope: Dataset. External accuracy: +/- one degree. Non Quantitative accuracy: Data are... more

Environmental Sciences not elsewhere classified Geospatial Information Systems Physical Oceanography

01 Jan 1995

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CAMRIS Coastal and Marine Resources Information System marine benthic substrate coast coastal Australia


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Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN)


Original metadata record (Department of Environment)


ERIN: Data were projected to geographics using the WGS84 datum and spheroid, to be compatible for the Australian Coastal Atlas. Ocean Sciences Institute extracted the data from the AUSEABED database, and sent to CSIRO. CSIRO: All CAMRIS data were stored in VAX files, MS-DOS R-base files and as a microcomputer dataset accessible under the LUPIS (Land Use Planning Information System) land allocation package. CAMRIS was established using SPANS Geographic Information System (GIS) software running under a UNIX operating system on an IBM RS 6000 platform. A summary follows of processing completed by the CSIRO: 1. r-BASE: Information imported into r-BASE from a number of different sources (ie Digitised, scanned, CD-ROM, NOAA World Ocean Atlas, Atlas of Australian Soils, NOAA GEODAS archive and The Complete Book of Australian Weather). 2. From the information held in r-BASE a BASE Table was generated incorporating specific fields. 3. SPANS environment: Works on creating a UNIVERSE with a geographic projection - Equidistant Conic (Simple Conic) and Lambert Conformal Conic, Spheroid: International Astronomical Union 1965 (Australia/Sth America); the Lower left corner and the longitude and latitude of the centre point. 4. BASE Table imported into SPANS and a BASE Map generated. 5. Categorise Maps - created from the BASE map and table by selecting out specified fields, a desired window size (ie continental or continent and oceans) and resolution level (ie the quad tree level). 6. Rasterise maps specifying key parameters such as: number of bits, resolution (quad tree level 8 lowest - 16 highest) and the window size (usually 00 or cn). 7. Gifs produced using categorised maps with a title, legend, scale and long/lat grid. 8. Supplied to ERIN with .bil; .hdr; .gif; Arc export files .e00; and text files .asc and .txt formats. 9. The reference coastline for CAMRIS was the mean high water mark (AUSLIG 1:100 000 topographic map series).

The metadata for this data collection was obtained from the Australian Government Department of the Environment (

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence

CSIRO (Australia)

CSIRO (2015): Marine Benthic Substrate Database - CAMRIS - Marsed. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection.

All Rights (including copyright) CSIRO Australia 2015.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

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Location Details

4°19′5.5848″ S

55°58′49.44″ S

170°27′20.4768″ E

99°41′57.0228″ E


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CAMRIS, standing for the Coastal and Marine Resources Information System, is a small-scale spatial analysis system developed in collaboration by several divisions of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), as part of the CSIRO Coastal Zone Program. CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology was the custodian of... more



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